How to choose best batting gloves

How to choose best batting gloves

The protection offered by the gloves is key to the performance of the athlete. The hands are usually the most vulnerable to injury for most baseball players and as such should be well protected. The pain can be caused by a mistimed shot which sends vibration down the bat causing a stinging pain. It is very common to see college players and adults shaking their hands after a poorly hit ball.

Having a good grip is an absolute necessity. Gloves can enhance the grip to the bat hence improve the hitting performance. Players will not hit the ball squarely whenever there is any slip in the grip. Most big league players chose not to play with the gloves several years ago. However they realized with the combination of sweat and dirt it was harder to hit the ball on the contact point with the head of the bat. This is because with the loss of grip they could not swing the bat fast enough.

Gloves are also useful protection against weather. Especially in cold periods, the last thing you want when playing is your fingers going numb. Gloves will keep them warm and the blood flowing allowing you to handle the bat properly.

What to look for in a good batting glove

With the larger variety of batting glove brands it can sometimes be confusing to pick the right one. By following this guide one can easily identify the best choice and ultimately ensure you get value for money.
Grip: Due to the importance of the grip to the batting performance, the choice of the glove should definitely provide this feature. One should choose the grip that matches their hand positioning and swings. The construction material determines the grip provided by the gloves. A good choice is a leather batting gloves due to the natural grip it provides as compared to the synthetic one. A leather glove also has a great natural feel.

Durability of the glove is also a key consideration in the choice. It’s a bad experience to spend your hard earned money on an expensive glove yet it fails to live up to its name. researching well will definitely help in arriving at a durable choice. For durability one needs to be keen on well the stitching is done. A poorly stitched glove will tear whenever there is friction created on the hands by the swinging. The material also determines the durability. Preference should be one that is made of leather due to its long lasting nature.



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